Access Profiles

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When using ssh to connect to the servers, please DO NOT use user ubuntu. It is already in use by Taikun for the management of the cluster.

Without internet access and to keep your security, you can download the packages, docker images, etc. using a proxy server.

Figure.1: Access Profiles
Figure.1: Access Profiles

You can extend the table to see the last modification (Last Modified and Last Modified By).


edit Edit Http Proxy – update address

delete Delete access profile, you cannot delete default profile

Add Access Profile #

Create a new profile to access a specific project.

Figure.2: Add Access Profile
Figure.2: Add Access Profile

Organization – choose organization form drop down section

Name – choose name for a new profile

Http Proxy – enter http proxy

SSH Users – fill user (3-30 characters) and it’s public SSH key

  • type of key must be RSA, ECDSA or Ed25519

DNS – for access you can also use DNSDanger

DNS will be ignored, if you choose import network in new Cloud Credentials.

NTP – or use NTP for accessing

If you want to change any of these parameters, you can do it with Show button and update the fields.

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