Alerting Profiles

Select organization for a better overview of Alerting Profiles.

If you want to receive notifications when there is some alert in you project, just set the alerting profile and attach it to the project.

Add Alerting Profile #

If you want a new alerting profile, useadd alerting profile btn button.

Figure.1: Add Alerting Profile
Figure.1: Add Alerting Profile

Organization – choose from drop-down selection of organizations

Name – choose name for your alerting profile

Slack Configuration – if you have created a slack configuration, you can use it in profile

Reminder – set the reminder for NoneHalfHourHourlyDaily

E-mails – receive notifications with e-mail

Webhooks – use webhooks for application alert

Integrations – set notifications for different apps (Opsgenie, Pagerduty, Splunk and MicrosoftTeams)

Alerting Profile overview #

Figure.2: Alerting Profiles
Figure.2: Alerting Profiles

Each Profile is described by IDNameOrganization NameSlack Configuration NameAssociated ProjectsE-mailWebhooksCreated By and Actions.

You can change or add more E-mails and Webhooks. To each webhooks you can add multiple headers (KeyValue).

You can extend the table to see the last modification (Last Modified and Last Modified By).

Actions #

lock Un/Lock the profile to dis-/enable it from drop-down selection in project, you cannot lock default profile

✏ Update Name or Slack Configuration

delete Delete the profile if it is no longer needed, only profiles with no associated projects can be deleted, you cannot delete default profile

Attaching the Profile to the Project #

There are 2 ways to attach your alerting profile to the project:

  • when project is created – just check Add Alerting Profile during project creation
  • after project is created – use drop-down selection Actions in project, click Attach Alerting Profile and choose which profile you want to attach to the project

Detach Alerting Profile #

Use drop-down selection Actions in project, click Detach Alerting Profile and choose which profile you want to detach to the project.

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