Audit Log

You get real-time notification via Bell ? but you can also preview all the changes made in Audit Log.

See who (User Name) made a change (CategoryMessage), where (Project) and what time (When). Choose Start date and End dateHours and Minutes for filtering if needed.

Audit Log
Figure.1: Audit Log

Clicking Project Name you get redirected to the project, where the change was made.


Figure.2: Filters

Events also can be filtered by:

  • Organization
  • Project
  • User (with user role only)
  • Action
  • Added
  • Backup
  • Backup policy
  • Created
  • Deleted
  • Failed
  • Kubernetes
  • Purged
  • Rebooted
  • Option
  • Available
  • Deleted

Downloaddownload #

You can download the report from Audit log with filters applie

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