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Back up and restore your cloud


For disaster recovery purposes, it is a good practice to perform regular backups of the database, configuration files, network information, and OpenStack service details in your environment. For an OpenStack cloud deployed using OpenStack-Ansible, back up the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory.

Back up and restore the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory #

The /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory contains a live inventory, host structure, network information, passwords, and options that are applied to the configuration files for each service in your OpenStack deployment. Back up the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory to a remote location.

To restore the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory, copy the backup of the directory to your cloud environment.

Database backups and recovery #

MySQL data is available on the infrastructure nodes. You can recover databases, and rebuild the galera cluster. For more information, see galera-cluster-recovery.

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