Billing Credentials

Select organization for a better overview of Billing Credentials.

In this tab you can find all sources from Prometheus for the Billing. Use Select Organization to sort the credentials.

Figure.1: Billing Credentials
Figure.1: Billing Credentials

By expanding the table, you can display Prometheus Password and the last modification (Last Modified and Last Modified By).

Actions #

delete Delete – you can delete only empty credentials

make defaultMake default – choose credentials which will be then filled during project creation, lighter color indicates selected credentials

Add New Credentials #

To create a new credentials, useadd credentials btn button. You can add credentials only for your organization.

Fig 2: Add Credentials
Fig 2: Add Credentials

Organization – choose which organization you want to set the billing

Name – choose name for your billing credentials (3-30 characters)

Username and Password – use your Prometheus credentials

Url – insert URL where is the source

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