Brief Introduction

👥Manager #

Manager role has all privileges and option as user and more. Add cloud or backup credentials, create a project with cluster and access it with access profile, create new users etc.

Use this guide chronologically or visit specific page clicking the links below.

Visit Login when using Taikun for the first time.

Below User tab you switch between Dashboard and Projects by clicking each.

Under Manager you find Flavor InfoImagesAudit LogUsersProject QuotasServersTaikun RequestsShowback RulesShowback SummaryTicketing and Standalone VMs.

Billing is consisted of Chargeback and Usage Reports.

Next – Credentials: there are Cloud CredentialsBackup Credentials and Showback Credentials.

In Profiles you can visit Kubernetes ProfilesAccess ProfilesAlerting Profiles Policy Profiles and Standalone Profiles.

In the last section Configurations, see Slack.

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