Create a New Project

If you want to add a new project, use the upper right buttonadd project btnin Projects tab.

add project
Figure.1: Add project

Project Name – fill in your project name (only alphanumeric lowercase characters and dash are allowed, 3-30 characters; not underscore; e.g. my-project1)

Cloud – choose where you want to store your Project, create a new Cloud in Cloud Credentials

Access Profile – choose profile which can access the project, create a new profile in Access Profiles

Alerting Profile – if you have created profile in Alerting Profiles, you can choose it from the drop-down selection

Kubernetes Profile – first create a new profile in Kubernetes Profiles and than choose from drop down selection

  • for openstack: if you choose profile with enabled Taikun Load Balancer, you also have to fill in Taikun Load Balancer FlavorRouter Id Start Range and Router Id End Range
taikun load balancer
Figure.2: Taikun Load Balancer dialog

Enable Auto Upgrade – Kubespray version will be automatically upgraded if new version is available

Enable Monitoring – monitoring a Kubernetes cluster allows easy management of containerized infrastructure by tracking utilization of cluster resources including memory, CPU, and storage

Enable Backup – choose credentials, you can create a new one in Backup Credentials. If you choose not to enable it, you can change it later, see Projects – Project details – Backup

Add Policy Profile – select a policy profile for the project

Add Expiration Date – set project durability, by default it is set to infinity. After the expiration date, your project is NOT affected, deleted or lock. It will stays the same.

Enable Spot – enable spots

  • Allow Spot VM’s – allow spots in standalone VMs
  • Allow Full Spot Kubernetes – allow full spot on kubernetes
  • Allow Spot Workers – allow spot on workers
  • No Spot for Kubernetes

Specify Kubernetes Version – select the kubernetes version for the project

Add Flavor – bind the flavor to the project, you can bind more than one flavor and un/bind them later in Flavor Info

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