Creating a Cluster

 ?Manager ?Partner

If you have connected your cloud, you can create a new project.

1) Manager/Partner has to create a new project and assign it to a user.

create project assign user
Figure.1: Add project and assign it to user

Keep in mind you have to add profiles during project creation otherwise you cannot do it later.

2) Manager/Partner binds flavors needed to the new project.

a) during project creation

add flavor during creation
Figure.2: Flavor – project creation

b) in Flavor Info

add flavor flavor info
Figure.3: Flavor – Flavor info

For a well-functioning cluster you should NOT use small flavors.

3) Now User/Manager/Partner can create new servers in the project. Keep in mind, that a working cluster consists at least of 1 Bastion, 1 Kubemaster and 1 Kubeworker. However, you can also create a multimaster by creating more than 1 Kubemaster, the number of masters must be odd. If you want to create a multimaster, you have to do it before commit.


  • bastion recommended 2 vCPU + 2GB of RAM
  • masters recommended 4 vCPU + 8GB of RAM

add workers
Figure.4: Add servers
  • use shortcuts:
    • b – bastion
    • m – master
    • w – worker
    • numbers of master/worker for faster server addition

The bigger flavor you choose the longer it will take to create.

  • commit

Control if you have all servers you need, the creation can take some time (approx. 7 min per server).

User: Also double check if you need all of them because later you won’t be able to delete them.

Figure.5: Commit
  • creating the project, servers get through the stages:
    • pending➡updating➡ready
  • successful creation, the project is Ready
servers ready
Figure.6: Ready
  • failed creation, the project is Failed or Pending without any action
    • if servers fail during creation, best way to restore them is with repair button (details: UserManagerPartner)
  • delete servers
    • Manager/Partner can delete unnecessary servers
delete server
Figure.7: Delete unnecessary servers

You can delete servers to still have working cluster (1 bastion, 1 master and 1 worker) or delete the whole working cluster.

4) Control remotely.

Use kubeconfig file to connect to your kubernetes.


Please do NOT deploy any apps in monitoring Service, because Taikun uses the monitoring namespace heavily! And if you disable the monitoring, all PVC’s in monitoring will be deleted.

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