You can access the Dashboard by clicking upper left Taikun logo or the Dashboard in the tabs (under User):

accessing dashboard
Figure.1: Dashboard and other tabs

On Dashboard you can find summary of following:

  • Select Organization
  • Users
  • Charts (Projects, Server Statuses, Servers, Cloud Credential, Nodes Overview, Pod overview, Project with Alerts and Kubernetes Health)
  • Tables (Kubernetes, Project Resource Allocation and Recent Events)

On every page in the upper right corner you can see:

Icons upper right
Figure.2: Header icons
Logo of Organization
  • logo of your organization
  • link to this documentation, variable for every page
  • global search – search for projects or servers, case insensitive, can be open with double shift at every page
  • Taikun search – search through projects, users, servers, credentials, profiles or organizations
  • Kubernetes Search – have to be checked (as searching kubernetes takes longer time) and search through all active kubernetes
  • Real-time notifications
  • General – notifications about changes made in projects (e.g. created project, enable monitoring, change of status), for details see Dashboard – Recent Events
2022 09 19 14 09
Figure.3: General events
notifications alerts
Figure.4: Alerts
My Profile
  • your information and setting, see My Profile
  • if your display name is changed, the name can be seen in the cornerMy Profile - manager
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