Flavor Info

Sort flavors by size of CPU and RAM or use search bar.


To use a flavor for Server in Project, you have to assign the flavor to the project first. You can do so during project creation or in Flavor Info tab.

Bind To Project #

Choose OrganizationCloud Type and Credentials where your project is stored. After selecting flavor’s you can bind it/them to the project.

Bind a Flavor to a Project
Figure.1: Bind a Flavor to a Project

An error message is displayed, if the flavor is already bound to the project.

flavor bounded

Flavor Project Bounds/Unbind Flavor #

To overview all Flavors used in Projects use flavor project bounds button. Flavors for each Cloud (Amazon, Azure, OpenStack) can be sorted by NameProject NameCPU and RAM.

To unbind a flavor from a specific project, choose a Cloud, select the project-flavor bound and useunbind flavor button.

Unbind a Flavor
Figure.2: Unbind Flavor
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