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To use a images for VMs in the project, you have to bind the image to the project first.

Quickstart Images – Bind to Project #

Choose OrganizationCloud Type, and Credentials from the drop-down selection. After selecting an image you can bind them to the project by clicking on the bind image to project button

bind image to project

A success message is displayed for the successful image bound

success image binding
Successful image binding

An error message is displayed, if the image is already bound to the project.

failure image binding
Image already bound

In the same way, images can be bound from the tabs My Images and Public Images

My Images – Bind to Project #

my images

Public Images – Bind to Project #

public images

Image-Project Bounds | Unbind Image #

To overview all images used in Projects useimage project bounds button. Flavors for each Cloud (Amazon, Azure, OpenStack) can be sorted by NameProject Name, and Size.

To unbind a flavor from a specific project, choose a Cloud, select the project-image bound, and useunbind image button.

unbind image
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