Kubeconfigs, Backup, Monitoring, Lock, Reboot

User  ?Manager  ?Partner

Kubeconfigs #

Create and download kuberenetes configuration to organize information about clusters, users, namespaces, and authentication mechanisms.

Figure.1: Kubeconfig

Manager/Partner: You can see and delete other user’s kube configs, but you cannot use them for connecting, if the kubeconfig is not for everyone. User: You can use and delete only your kube config.

See info for UserManager and Partner.


The following features are only for Manager and Partner.

Enable/Disable Backup #

1) If you want to have a backup, first you must add Backup credentials:

add backup credentials
Figure.2: Add backup credentials

Fill all fields for S3 credentials and add connect them with add button.

backup credentials
Figure.3: Backup credentials overview

2) Enable backup.

a) You can enable backup during creation.

enable backup project creation
Figure.4: Enable backup

b) Backup can be enabled also after the project is created.

First you have to enable back and then choose credentials.

enable backup after project creation
Figure.5: Backup after project creation

4) After you enabled backup, you must set up backup policy

add backup policy
Figure.6: Backup policy

Once the policy is add, the cronjob starts.

More info for Manager and Partner.

5) To terminate the backup, delete the policy.

6) If you no longer want to use back, disable it

Enable/Disable Monitoring #

1) Enable monitoring during creation of the project.

enable monitoring project creation
Figure.7: Enable monitoring during project creation

2) Or you can enable monitoring after you create the project.

enable monitoring after project creation
Figure.8: Enable monitoring after project creation

The process takes up to 2 minutes and if successful, Logs, Alerts and Metrics are enabled.

3) Disable Monitoring the same way.

Lock/Unlock #

If Manager/Partner lock the project, you can only preview some pages but you can’t make any changes (actions).

lock project
Figure.9: Locked project

You can see if the project islock unlock orunlock locked in project info:

lock project info
Figure.10: Lock – project info

or in Project overview – Actions section:

lock actions
Figure.11: Lock – project overview

Reboot #

You can reboot servers directly from Taikun.

For Openstack you can choose HARD or SOFT reboot for each server.

For AWS and Azure there is only simple reboot available.

Figure.12: Reboot

For more info see:

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