To access Kubernetes go to Projects – Servers – K8s Info or use the K8s buttonkubernetesin Projects.

Access Kubernetes
Figure.1: Access kubernetes

In Kubernetes tab can be found:

  • Nodes
    • MessageReasonStatus and Type
  • Deamon Set
    • NamespaceNameStatus and Age
  • Persistent Volume Claim
    • NamespaceNamePhaseSizeStorage Class Name and Age
  • Deployment
    • NamespaceNameStatus and Age
  • Config Map
    • NamespaceName and Age
  • Secret
    • NamespaceName and Age
  • Sts
    • NamespaceNameStatus and Age
  • Service
    • NamespaceNameTypeExternal IP and Age
  • Pods
    • NamespaceNameNode NameAgeStatusRestart CountKill PodTerminal and Logs
  • Ingress
    • NamespaceNameHosts and Age
  • Ingress
    • NamespaceNameHosts and Age
  • CRD (Custom Resource Definition)
    • NameGroupList KindSpec name kindLabels and Age
  • PDB (Pod Disruption Budgets)
    • NamespaceName and Created At

Please do NOT deploy any apps in monitoring Service, because Taikun uses the monitoring namespace heavily! And if you disable the monitoring, all pvc in monitoring will be deleted.

Figure.2: Kubernetes

You can use sort buttons or search button in each section for easier searching.


Except Pods tab are all tabs for preview only.

Actions #

Show description Show description – for all tabs except Nodes

Pods #

Kill Pod #

Pod can be killed with Kill Podkill podbutton.

Terminal #

Open Terminal to control your container/s.

Figure.3: Terminal

Logs #

Logs record events happening in cluster. You can check the logs for more details. To search the logs visit Projects – Project Details – Logs.

Figure.4: Logs
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