Project Creation

ūüĎ•Manager ¬†ūü§ĚPartner

You can create a new Project straight after adding your Cloud credentials! During project creation, you can specify various to-be-used features.

Add Project

Here is how you can create your first Project:

  1. Make sure that you have added a Cloud Connection in your account
  2. Go to Projects menu in Taikun
  3. Hit Add Project button in the top-right corner
  4. Specify your Project’s name and used Cloud in the pop-up
    • (optional) Access Profile,¬†Alerting Profile¬†and¬†Kubernetes Profile¬†are initially populated with a default option. These profiles are created with every new organization. Custom Profiles need to be created prior to being used in your Projects.
  5. Click +Add button – your Project is created!

Some of Taikun’s features (such as¬†alerting¬†or¬†policy profiles, ¬†monitoring,¬†backup,¬†expiration date) can be added/enabled after your Project is created:


If you want to use your Access Profile in a project, you need to create it prior to creation of a Project and choose it from a drop-down selection during Project creation.

Project can be created only by Manager or Partner. These users can assign a Project to any User later on.

Here is more information about Project creation for Manager and Partner.

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