Showback Credentials

If you want to use external source for your Showback rules, add Showback Credentials you then will want to use.

Select organization for a better overview of Rules.

See table of added Showback credentials.

Figure.1: Overview of Showback Credentials
Figure.1: Kubernetes profiles

Table consist of IDNameOrganizationURL, bound Rules, date and time Created and Actions.


lock Lock the credentials – then credentials cannot be used in Showback rules and cannot be deleted

unlock Unlock credentials – then credentials are unlocked and you can use them again

delete Delete credentials – if no longer needed

Add New Credentials #

With Add Credential you can create a new showback credentials.

Figure.2: Add Showback Credentials
Figure.2: Add Showback credentials

Organization – choose organization from drop-down selection

Name – choose name for your Showback Credentials (3-30 characters)

URL – add URL of the source

Username and Password – use your Prometheus or other credentialsInfo

After you successfully added the credentials, you can see them in overview. Back to topPreviousBilling CredentialsNextKubernetes Profiles

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