Showback Rules

When visiting the tab first you see overview of Showback Rules.

showback rules
Figure.1: Showback rules overviews

Every showback rule is described by IDNameMetric NameOrganizationLabels (if there is any), KindTypeGlobal alert limitProject alert limitPriceShowback credentials (if there is any), date and time Created and Actions.

Add Rule #

Create a new showback rule for your organization.

add showback rule
Figure.2: Add showback rule

Name – choose name for your rule

Metric Name – use valid metric, you can use Metrics for examples

Kind – choose kind for the rule

  • General – data source is taikun
  • External – data source is external – you need to change Showback Credentials

Type – drop-down: Count (calculate package as unit – e.g. flavors) or Sum (calculate per quantity – e.g. GBs)

Price – billing in CZK per selected unit

Project Alert Limit – set limit of alerts for one project

Global Alert Limit – set limit of alerts for all projects

Showback Credentials – drop-down of operation credentials

Labels – the label indicates the variable name (Label) and value of the label (Label Value), see examples in the Table 1 below

Table 1: Labels in Showback Rules

LabelLabel Value


Once you add the rule the cron job starts to calculate. The price for showback summary starts at the beginning of every hour and it can’t be paused. Rule is stopped by deleting it.


edit Edit Showback Rule – change parameters of your rule

copy Copy Showback Rule – if you want to create similar rule, you can copy existing one, don’t forget to change rule name

delete Delete Rule – if you want to stop the rule, simply delete it

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