Showback Summary

Select organization for a better overview of Access Profiles.

Showback Summary includes overview of Showback Rules with price. Rules calculate the price from time the rule is added but the page is updated at the beginning of every hour. Is you want to stop the price, you have to delete the rule (cannot be paused).

Table contains IDName and Price.Bold Name is rule and its Price is sum of all projects with this rule bound.

Showback Summary
Figure.1: Showback Summary

Export #

The data displayed on the page are exported to .csv file – with name of your organization and time period (if selected).

Send To Email #

Use the button to send selected data to your mail (provided in My Profile).

Charts #

Data is also plotted in doughnut and line charts. You can switch between them with toggle switch.

Figure.2: Charts

Line chart can be filtered by Available or Deleted, Monthly and Yearly graphs are plotted only if there is enough data.

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