Slack Configurations

You can receive all the changes made from your Taikun organization into Slack channel you choose.

Figure.1: Slack configurations
Figure.1: Slack configuration

Add Slack Config #

First you need to set your webhooks for Slack and create channel in Slack, where you want to receive notifications.

Figure.2: Add Slack Config
Figure.2: Add Slack Config

Organization – choose organization to which you want to add slack

Name – choose name for your config

URL – insert webhook URL from Slack app

Channel – Slack channel for notifications

Type – Alert (receive only alert-type of notification) or General (receive all notifications)

Successful installation

Now you will receive notifications in Slack channel for the projects.

Figure.3: Slack
Figure.3: Slack


The project name in message has link, which will redirect you right to Taikun to the project. Back to topPreviousBilling RulesNextMy Profile

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