Standalone Profiles

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You cannot add a new VM without any standalone profile, please create a new one first.

​See all profiles created for your organization. Each profile is described by its ID, Name, Public Key, Security Group (redirects to another page) and to which VM the profile is associated.

Figure.1: Standalone Profiles
Figure.1: Standalone Profiles


lock/%3E Un/lock profile – if you lock your profile, you can’t use it for VM, edit or delete it

delete Delete – delete non-used and unlocked profiles

edit Update profile – update policy profile

Add Standalone Profile #

Create a new profile to access your virtual machine.

Figure.2: Add Standalone Profiles
Figure.2: Add Standalone Profiles

Name – choose name for your profile

Public Key – insert your SSH public key to access the VM

Security Groups – optional, protocols ICMPTCP and UDP are supported.


Once the profile is created SSH key cannot be edited.

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