Kubernetes #

The Kubernetes chart consists of 3 main sections:

  • Project
  • Nodes
  • Pods
Figure.1: Kubernetes


In the right corner you can switch between Projects with Kubernetes.


Lists Nodes by Name and shows status of DiskMemoryPIDs and Ready (Status of the Node).

Status: working Status: working

Status: not working Status: not wokring


For every Pod (characterized by Pod Name) is listed its NamespaceNodeRestart CountAge and Status.

If the status is failed, you can check the pod in Kubernetes section – use the link in Nodes – Metadata Name or Pods – Pod Name.

node pod failure
Figure.2: Node/Pod failure

For more information see Projects – Kubernetes.

Project Resource Allocation #

In this section you can see how the usage of CPUsRAM and Disk Size are divided between the individual projects. The last column Total shows the sum of all projects for CPURAM or Disk Size. You can also sort CPURAM and Disk Size by Usage or Limit (if there is any).

project resource allocation
Figure.3: Project Resource Allocation

The pie charts shows percentage of usage of each project:

Green - small usage Green – small usage

Yellow - normal usage Yellow – normal usage

Orange - higher usage Orange – higher usage

Red - full usage Red – full usage

Limits can be changed in Project Quotas.

Recent Events #

Lists 10 events from the latest. Green ones are successful events, red ones are failed. The update button is in the right corner.

recent events
Figure.4: Recent Events

Notifications #


If there is a real-time change, you are notified through Notifications

Whenever user makes a change (create project, add backup, delete project etc.) you are notified via bell?at the top of a page.

The colors indicate:

  • green – successful action
  • red – failed action
notifications general
Figure.5: Notifications

The notification contains a brief message on a specific project and bellow the message is time of the change. After clicking Show Project you will access the project in which the change was made.

As the name suggests: Mark as Read and Dismiss all.

See all notification

After clicking See all notification you are redirected to Audit Log.

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