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Manage resources in Taikun from the command line.

Getting started Downloading the binary To download the CLI, head to the latest release page

Scroll down to the Assets section and select the binary for your architecture.

Signing in to Taikun The Taikun CLI reads environment variables to authenticate to Taikun.

To authenticate with your Taikun account, set the following environment variables:


To authenticate with Keycloak, set the following environment variables:


The default API host is To override it, set the following environment variable:

TAIKUN_API_HOST (default value is:

Run the following command to check whether you are properly authenticated.

taikun whoami Setting up autocompletion Autocompletion is available for the following shells.


The command taikun completion generates an autocompletion script for the specified shell. For instructions on how to use the generated script, see the help command of the corresponding shell.

For example, taikun completion bash -h provides instructions on how to set up autocompletion for the Bash shell.

Command overview To have an overview of all the commands available, see the generated command tree

Help To get information on how to use a command, type taikun [command] –help or taikun [command] -h for short.

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