Taikun Requests

Select organization for a better overview of Requests.

On this tab you can see all request made for Taikun. In the table you can see Organization NameUser NameUser roleRequest TypeEnd PointIpStatusCreated At and Message.

Taikun Requests
Figure.1: Taikun Requests

Request Type:

  • failed
  • post
  • put
  • delete
  • get


  • 200 – ok
  • 400 – bad request
  • 403 – forbidden
  • 404 – not found
  • 500 – server error


Messages can be filtered by OrganizationRequest Type and/or by date.

Figure.2: Filtering

Export requests #

The data displayed on the page are exported to .csv file, used filters are already applied.

Send requests to e-mail #

Use the button to send selected data to your mail provided in My profile.

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