Usage Reports

Select organization for a better overview of Projects.

For every Project you can see its TCU for time period limited by Start Date and End Date.

Sort data by Project or TCU and filter them by choosing available or deleted projects.


  • Taikun Compute Unit
  • total CPUs and GB of RAM used in Project (TCU = CPU + RAM (in GB))
Usage Reports
Figure.1: Usage Reports

As you can see, the Total TCU changes immediately.

Clicking the project will redirects you to project’s info (naturally works only for available projects).

Export Reports #

The data displayed on the page are exported to .csv file – with name of your organization and time period (if selected).

Send Reports to E-mail #

Use the button to send selected data to your mail (provided in My Profile).

Price Development #

Graph for Price Development shows decrease and increase of prices for every project. You can change the timeline – DailyMonthly and Yearly.

Price Development
Figure.2: Price Development

Monthly and Yearly graphs are plotted if there is enough data.

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