In Users tab is list of users for each organization. If you want change your settings, visit My Profile.

For each user you can preview following:

  • Id
  • User Name
  • Display Name
  • E-mail
  • Role
  • Approved
  • Partner
  • Creation Name
  • Projects
  • Actions
Figure.1: Users

Find User #

To find user easier you can sort the list by User NameRole and Organization Name or use the Search bar above the list. To preview users from one organization, use Select organization button above left.

Add User #

If you want to add a new user use theadd user btn in the upper right corner.


You can create a new user with User or Manager role.

Add User
Figure.2: Add User

User Name – only alphanumeric characters and dash allowed

Display Name – name displayed in upper right corner (upper/lowecase and spaces allowed), optional

E-mail – new user’s e-mail address

Organization – enable button if you want to specify user’s organization

Role – enable button if you want to specify user’s role


Token will be sent to the provided e-mail address and it expires in 3 hours.

Token redirects the user to the page, where a new password will be set.

Projects #

Edit assigned Projects #

Use pencil ✏ in Projects column to assign user a project and update your changes.

Figure.3: Assign

You can assign a project to a user with User role only.


You can also assign the project to the user in Projects.

Actions #

Edit User #

User Name – change user’s name

Display Name – change name displayed in upper right corner (upper/lowecase and spaces allowed)

E-mail – change user’s e-mail address. User will then use this e-mail to login and can confirm the e-mail in My Profile

Role – switch role between user and manager

Force User to Reset Password – user will be automatically logged out and receive mail with reset password request

User Disabled – logout and lock the user

Approved by Partner – if new user is not approved by partner, he won’t be able to login

Delete User #

If you want to delete some user, use the bin icondelete.


You can delete a user with User or Manager role. Back to topPreviousAudit LogNextProject Quotas

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