Taikun Help Center

Access Profile

Taikun includes an access profile feature that allows users to define role-based access control for their cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes clusters and other resources.

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Creating a new Project

Once a project is created in Taikun, users can configure and deploy cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes clusters and other resources, and manage their application deployments.

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Flavors can help simplify the process of configuring and scaling applications in a Kubernetes environment, by allowing users to define standard specifications for their workloads.

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Backup Credentials

To enable backup of your Projects, you must create backup credentials. Once backup credentials are set up, users can enable backup for their projects, automatically creating backups of their applications and data

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Taikun is an Apps, Kubernetes, and VM Management as a Service for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds that can save 75% time of your DevOps team. You can start a free trial today by clicking here.

Taikun offers a unique combination of features, including effortless Kubernetes cluster deployment, monitoring of cloud resources and infra costs, application deployment, autoscaling, backup, auto-upgrade, and more. Register for a demo here.

Both. Taikun is available as a cloud-based solution as well as an on-premise solution that can be installed and managed in a private data center.

Taikun can be connected with popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, Proxmox, VMware, and VMware Tanzu.

Yes, Taikun has been designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use and manage cloud resources as well as the Kubernetes cluster, regardless of their technical expertise.

With just a few clicks within Taikun, you can install all the necessary applications to your Kubernetes cluster. Our intuitive interface eliminates the need for manual configuration and streamlines the entire process, making it quick and simple to get a pipeline up and running.