Hybrid Cloud Management
for DevOps and Managers

Deploy your Kubernetes clusters in minutes with few clicks. Manage your Cloud platform for easy deployment of VMs without any annoying low-level setting of ports, networks etc. Taikun will do it all for you.

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Taikun Key Benefits

Speed-up cloud deployments by order of magnitude
From zero to production in 30 mins
Enable end‑to‑end self‑service for your devs
Professional management including Monitoring, Backup, Audit and more
Automation of repetitive DevOps tasks
Free-up DevOps time to focus on valuable projects
No kubernetes know-how required
CNCF Certified deployer and kubernetes
Multi‑cloud deployment to Azure, AWS, GCE or OpenStack


All your projects info in nice clear chart overview

Flavor Info

Want to make sure you deploy on right server size? Check our flavor info overview


Be up to speed on all your projects from one place


When you need to look at deployed servers in your project in more detail

Credentials and Profiles

Put an end to the password sharing and manage profiles and cloud credentials all from Taikun

And much more…

…ticketing, user management, showback rules, billing rules – you name it, we got it!

Taikun Features

Kubernetes Cluster Deployment

Automate your Kubernetes deployment. You can create your Kubernetes cluster during the coffee break. You are able to deploy monitoring, alerting and logging stack with one click. Furthermore, you can automate your backups and rolling upgrades of your Kubernetes.

Unified Cloud Platform Management

Do you have your resources scattered across AWS, Azure, GCE and Private clouds? Do you need to manage your Kubernetes and cloud resources? Taikun will bring them under one roof for you to manage.

User Management

Limit user usage and assign them to the projects. Do you want to work only with approved cloud flavors? Taikun gives you the ability to give and take permissions, assign users to Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments projects and give them particular resources you want with ease.

Access Management

Taikun allows for setting up a variety of roles and permits for your users, as well as different token access to your Kubernetes clusters.

Logging, Monitoring and Alerting

Need to make sure that your clusters are running smoothly 24/7? Taikun offers advanced monitoring and alerting that will notify you in case of any problem. Also, it enables to review extensive logs of actions inside your Kubernetes or cloud environment.

Quotas and Limits

Overspending on your cloud resources or getting confused by the options of the public cloud providers? With Taikun you can impose quotas and limit available resources in your cloud Kubernetes environments.

Billing and Showback

Confused about 100-page invoices from public cloud providers? Taikun provides you with precise and clear breakdown of your expenses. You can very easily set up the internal billing across your teams.

More Cloud Automation Services

App libraries, Backup of Kubernetes Cluster, Backup of cloud infrastructure, cloud infrastructure management, Credentials management, Slack integration and many other new features are being added on weekly basis.

Subscription Plans

Become Partner

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About us

We've specialized in building various types of clouds using our own cutting edge orchestration technology and know-how since 2012.

Itera, the serial cloud builder company, was founded by renowned cloud experts who have extensive experience with cloud platform development, open source technology, automation, CI/CD and cloud networking.