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How it Works

Welcome to Taikun, the leading cloud management-as-a-service provider. Our mission is to enable businesses to manage their applications and workloads on any cloud with ease, accuracy and agility.


Easily manage your applications and workloads on public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We simplify cloud operations so you can focus on innovation.

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What Does Taikun Do?

Taikun helps you manage all your cloud-native applications and workloads on any cloud platform.


We provide a comprehensive suite of cloud management services, including application and Kubernetes orchestration, virtual machine (VM) provisioning and management, cost optimization, and monitoring and observability.


Our intuitive platform makes it easy for you to manage, deploy, and optimize your cloud environments with ease.

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Why Choose Taikun?

Taikun is the most comprehensive and intuitive cloud management platform available.


We offer a wide range of features and services tailored to the needs of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, including application and Kubernetes orchestration, VM provisioning and management, cost optimization, and monitoring and observability.

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Let's highlight some of the best Taikun's features

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Use Cases

Want to know how to seve up to 75% timeof your DevOps team?

Taikun is an App, VM and Kubernetes management that enables you to focus on building what you need in no time.

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Companies already growing with Taikun

Jiri Hybek
Jiri Hybek
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You can deploy a new Kubernetes cluster in a few minutes only by using a web interface. The same applies to upgrading to newer Kubernetes versions. Also, the monitoring and logging are already integrated and available from a single dashboard. It's multi-cloud, and you can get direct SSH access to the servers deployed by the Taikun.
Jaromir Svorc
Jaromir Svorc
IP Network Manager at O2
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We've been using Taikun Private Cloud and it's been a top enterprise product since day one. Telco clouds require a higher level of control and Taikun provided us with this option with a focus on running basic network functions. Taikun not only allows us to deliver our solutions from the cloud, but also provides integration, deployment and management of virtual and cloud network functions (VNFs, CNFs). "When it comes to cloud management it is definitely one of the best and most reliable options for us."
Josh Ploude
Josh Ploude
Founder & CEO
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As a customer of Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud products, we at Apeiron Systems have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and support provided by the Taikun team. The stability and reliability of their cloud solutions has allowed us to focus on our core business without worrying about IT issues. We highly recommend Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud to any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective cloud solution.

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Subscription Plans


free for a month
billed yearly
Cloud credentials:

You can test Taikun without any limitations for one month completely free. Invite your colleagues to deploy multi-cloud and have unlimited experience. After one month you can switch to different subscription if you want.



per resource monthly
billed yearly
Cloud credentials:

In this plan, you will only pay for the virtual resources under Taikun's management. As resources we count CPUs and RAM gigabytes. Resources are billed per hour, so if your VMs or clusters run just a few hours per month, that is what you'll pay for.


billed monthly
billed yearly
Save 2 months
Users: 10
Projects: 5
Servers: 25
Cloud credentials:

If you already have your own small development team and need to increase its efficiency and speed up the automation, start with this subscription level. Taikun does not limit its features in any way and you will always have access to the full bundle of features. Start risk-free with a 30 days trial.


billed monthly
billed yearly
Save 2 months
Users: 25
Projects: 15
Servers: 75
Cloud credentials:

If you are a large enterprise and you need more users, different types of cloud environments and more clusters, this package is ideal for you! Thanks to our management features, you will have a full overview and visibility of your cloud infra. Your engineers will be more efficient with Taikun.