Cloud Management Startup Itera will be present at KubeCon 2022

Itera, the Czech startup specializing in cloud management solutions and has served hundreds of businesses of all sizes during its more than 10 years of existence, will present its new solution in Detroit, during KubeCon 2022.

When it comes to cloud computing, one of the crucial points of debate is the way, and the time it takes to deploy applications. The importance of Kubernetes soon emerges. With, Kubernetes you can deploy cloud-native applications anywhere and manage workloads to ensure they run as you intended.

It was with these challenges in mind that Itera emerged as an innovative solution for managing cloud applications for Enterprise DevOps, SaaS businesses, and financial services, among other industries.

“We’re bringing some game-changing news to KubeCon 2022. We’re excited about the current Kubernetes scene, and we’ll be delighted to unveil Taikun, our top bet at the moment, firsthand.” states Adam Skotnicky, co-founder and CEO at Itera.

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#KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon North America is just around the corner! Adopting Kubernetes has allowed us to better deploy and scale our offerings, and this event connects us with #TeamCloudNative. Drop by our booth in Detroit if you want to talk shop, show off your new CKA badge, or share a success story. We’re always eager to engage with fellow #OpenSource enthusiasts!

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