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Taikun Cloud

A powerful tool to cure your Cloud headaches. Connect your AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, or OpenStack account to access a comprehensive set of Cloud instruments.

Taikun On-Prem

Make sure you get the most of your Cloud. With Taikun On-prem you can build modern Hybrid Cloud setup with extensive know-how provided by our team

Taikun Infra

Switch to Private Cloud to make sure your resources are optimized to the fullest. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure that the Cloud addresses all of your needs and 

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K8s clusters
You can save up to
/per year
by automating repetetive work
of your DevOps
You can deploy a new Kubernetes cluster in a few minutes just by using a web interface. The same applies to upgrading to newer Kubernetes versions. Also, the monitoring and logging are already integrated and available from a single dashboard. It's multi-cloud, and you can get direct SSH access to the servers deployed by the Taikun.
Jiri Hybek
CEO at Hexio
We've been using Taikun Infra and it's been a top enterprise product since day one. Telco clouds require a higher level of control and Taikun provided us with this option with a focus on running basic network functions. When it comes to cloud management it is definitely one of the best and most reliable options for us.
Jaromir Svorc
IP Network Manager at O2
As a customer of Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud products, we at Apeiron Systems have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and support provided by the Taikun team. The stability and reliability of their cloud solutions has allowed us to focus on our core business without worrying about IT issues. We highly recommend Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud to any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective cloud solution.
Josh Ploude
Founder & CEO at Apeiron.io

Continuous integration and automated testing & deployment: all with centralized management and monitoring

Centralized Cloud management
and Monitoring

Let Taikun be the center of your infrastructure to get rid of all Multi-Cloud management problems. Out-of-the-box Monitoring solutions allow quick identification and troubleshooting of any infrastructure issues regardless of the connected Cloud.

The most straighforward
CI/CD setup

DevOps teams can use Taikun to quickly and easily deploy new Kubernetes clusters and VMs as well as all the necessary applications for the establishment of CI/CD pipelines. We allow developers to focus on engineering applications rather than bothering infrastructure management.

Reduce your Cloud

Taikun has all instruments to track usage of Cloud services efficiently. With features such as Chargeback, Project Quotas, and Usage Reports, our tool helps businesses to analyze and control Cloud expenses from the single dashboard.

Security certifications

Taikun and its products are ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 certified, meeting the highest quality and security management standards. We use certified versions of Kubernetes and are an official silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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