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IT Consultants

Taikun On-Premise is a powerful solution designed to enhance your existing private infrastructure with the flexibility and scalability of hybrid Cloud environments. With Taikun, you can leverage your current infrastructure investments and unlock the full potential of straightforward Cloud computing and management.

By deploying Taikun on top of your private infrastructure, whether based on OpenStack, VMware Tanzu, Proxmox, or any Public providers, you gain a comprehensive application that empowers you to provision and manage resources seamlessly without unnecessary technicalities. Taikun is a unified control center, enabling you to effortlessly allocate computing resources within your Private Cloud environment, such as virtual machines, storage, and networking.

No fee installation

Proactive monitoring

24/7 FIX support availability

You can deploy a new Kubernetes cluster in a few minutes just by using a web interface. The same applies to upgrading to newer Kubernetes versions. Also, the monitoring and logging are already integrated and available from a single dashboard. It's multi-cloud, and you can get direct SSH access to the servers deployed by the Taikun.
Jiri Hybek
CEO at Hexio
We've been using Taikun Infra and it's been a top enterprise product since day one. Telco clouds require a higher level of control and Taikun provided us with this option with a focus on running basic network functions. When it comes to cloud management it is definitely one of the best and most reliable options for us.
Jaromir Svorc
IP Network Manager at O2
As a customer of Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud products, we at Apeiron Systems have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and support provided by the Taikun team. The stability and reliability of their cloud solutions has allowed us to focus on our core business without worrying about IT issues. We highly recommend Taikun Cloud and Taikun Private Cloud to any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective cloud solution.
Josh Ploude
Founder & CEO at Apeiron.io

Continuous integration and automated testing & deployment: all with centralized management and monitoring

Centralised Cloud
management and monitoring

Taikun Infra provides advanced managing solutions to operate multi-Cloud configurations. Easily configured monitoring tools allow businesses to easily monitor the performance and health of clusters across Clouds to identify and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Ease of scaling

Taikun provides built-in load balancer and autoscaling solutions, ensuring that companies can handle the load and adjust resources automatically without manual intervention in a Hybrid Cloud setup.

Reduce your Cloud

Taikun Infra helps teams to reduce Cloud spending by focusing the workload on private infrastructure. Additionally, it has all instruments to track the usage of Cloud services efficiently.

Security certifications

Taikun Infra is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001, meeting the highest quality and security management standards. We use certified versions of Kubernetes and are an official silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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Taikun.cloud is a Cloud automation platform to boost productivity of your DevOps teams. With real-time monitoring, automated creation of CI/CD pipelines, and management optimization, Taikun.cloud helps businesses deliver the best user experience while improving security and privacy. You can start a free trial today by clicking here.

Taikun offers a unique combination of features, including effortless Kubernetes cluster deployment, monitoring of cloud resources and infra costs, application deployment, autoscaling, backup, auto-upgrade, and more in one package. Register for a demo here.

Both. Taikun is available as a cloud-based solution as well as an on-premise solution that can be installed and managed in a private data center.

Taikun can be connected with popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, Proxmox, VMware, and VMware Tanzu.

Yes, Taikun has been designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use and manage cloud resources as well as the Kubernetes cluster, regardless of their technical expertise.

With just a few clicks within Taikun, you can install all the necessary applications to your Kubernetes cluster. Our intuitive interface eliminates the need for manual configuration and streamlines the entire process, making it quick and simple to get a pipeline up and running.

Ready for easier & faster application deployment?

Start simpifying scalability today.