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The CrowdStrike Incident: A Global Wake-Up Call for Cloud Resilience

Airplanes boards all over the world with blue screen

On July 19, 2024, the digital world experienced a seismic shock as a CrowdStrike software update for its software called Falcon Sensor, which scans a computer for intrusions and signs of hacking led to a global outage, affecting countless organizations worldwide. As a Principal Product Evangelist at Taikun, I believe this incident highlights the critical […]

Platform Engineering on Kubernetes – Architecture and Tooling

As the world moves to a self-servicing platform infrastructure, especially in cloud-native environments, Kubernetes plays a crucial role in building flexible, resilient, and scalable infrastructure.

In this blog, we will take our conversation forward on how Kubernetes ecosystem is helping engineering teams build these cloud-native platforms. We will specifically talk about some of the architecture-related questions that are crucial to answer to build a resilient self-service platform on Kubernetes.