Release Notes

May 2022

New features

Spot Virtual Machines for AWS and Azure

Taikun now supports by-request VMs known as Spot Instances, in which you can take advantage of unused capacity from cloud providers deploying virtual servers with a significantly lower-price than regular VMs.

Read more about Spot VMs on AWS and Azure.

These options are available for:

Add Project Page
  • Enable Spot
    • Allow Spot VM’s
      • Allow Full Spot Kubernetes
      • Allow Spot Workers

If “Allow Spot VM’s” is enabled, you can define the Maximum Spot Price.

Servers Page – K8s view
  • Enable Spot Worker
  • Enable Full Spot
  • Disable Full Spot
Servers Page – VMs view
  • Enable Spot VMs


Redesign of the Images page

Images are divided to the following three tabs

  • Quickstart Images
  • My Images
  • Public Images


Also few minor changes and bug fixes in UI.

February 2022

New features

Standalone VMs Server Page
  • here you can see all created VMs for the project
  • you can add VM for a project stored in any cloud (OpenStack, AWS and Azure)
  • before you add new VM, keep in mind you have to bind the Image and create Standalone Profile first
  • bind or unbind images from project
  • you can only bind images from the provider where your project is stored
  • without bound image you cannot add a new VM
Standalone Profile
  • create profile for your VM with SSH key, add Security Groups
  • you can define Security Groups – protocols ICMP, TCP and UDP are supported
  • it is not possible to add profile to VM later, once the profile is created SSH key cannot be edited
  • you cannot add a new VM without any standalone profile
Standalone VMs
  • see the overview of all standalone VMs


Project Page
  • in new column View you can choose if you want to see detailed K8s or VMs page


Also few minor changes and bug fixes in UI – e.g. improved status colours contrast.

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