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Telco Cloud-Native Transformation

Enabling the Telco Cloud Journey Managing Today, Transforming Tomorrow 

The telecom industry is experiencing a monumental shift towards cloud-native networks

Private Clouds are still Telcos' Top Choice for Cloud Native Networks

90% of telcos favor private cloud deployments, highlighting their trust in these solutions.

On average, telcos plan to invest $206 million annually in telco cloud for the next five years, based on operators with yearly revenues of $21 billion.

Financially, telcos can reduce network costs by 13%, saving $260-$380 million annually. Early cloud adopters could gain an extra $110-$210 million in revenues.

Telcos transitioning to the cloud aim to cut GHG emissions by 5% within 3-5 years.

What Outcomes are Cloud-Native Networks Delivering

In the realm of cloud-native networks, containerization has transformed how network functions operate, moving away from hardware-specific dependencies.

This shift towards standardized cloud hardware and flexible software not only simplifies vendor interactions but also expedites deployment. At the forefront of the cloud, rapid response times have become indispensable, especially for critical applications like emergency alerts.

Networks now have the agility to scale with ease, catering to both emerging and established operators. Furthermore, the adoption of a microservices structure paves the way for segmented development, ensuring quicker feature updates and a streamlined path to market.

How Does Taikun Help Telco’s Transition to Cloud Native Networks

Whether initiating a greenfield private cloud project, evaluating the advantages of open-source and cloud-native approaches, or enhancing existing private cloud infrastructure,

Taikun offers capabilities tailored to diverse management scenarios and technology stacks. We concentrate on navigating the complex cloud management challenges telcos encounter, aiding them in managing traditional VM-based private computing while simultaneously transitioning workloads to cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes. 

Taikun Enables Seamless Hybrid Cloud Operations within Telco IT

Taikun’s support for both private and public clouds offers telcos a strategic edge. By modernizing Business Support Systems (BSS), CSPs can boost revenue by up to 5% and cut costs by 30%.

Our solutions enhance customer interactions, provide actionable insights, and streamline operations. Additionally, they promote rapid service deployment and reduce vendor dependency, positioning telcos for success in a cloud-driven landscape.

Taikun's Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for Telcos

Taikun Open Cloud Platform

Taikun CloudWorks Platform

Taking the Next Steps with Taikun

Taikun Open Compute Platform

Taikun Open Compute Platform (OCP)

A comprehensive open-source full-stack solution tailored for the telco industry.

Taikun CloudWorks Platform

Offers advanced management and deployment capabilities for telcos' existing private clouds. Our deep expertise in the telco sector ensures optimized operations and seamless integration, aligning with the industry's preference for private cloud solutions.

Taking the Next Steps with Taikun

In the ever-evolving telco landscape, the need for adaptable platform solutions intensifies. Whether you're aiming to establish a solid infrastructure from scratch or enhance your existing private cloud setup, we're eager to collaborate. Together, we can navigate this journey, pinpointing the best solutions to align with your goals. Ready to take the next step? 

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