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Welcome to Taikun CloudWorks! #

Our documentation is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started with Taikun CloudWorks

This section describes the first steps in Taikun to create a functional Kubernetes Cluster for our new users. Please start with the From Login to Production Cluster article to understand how to register in Taikun.

Navigating in Taikun CloudWorks

The Navigating in Taikun section describes all navigation elements. Use it whenever you want to learn about the features in every tab of our platform. Check the Taikun User Interface article to start getting acquainted with the user interface.

Managing your Projects

This section contains all the necessary information to manage your Taikun projects. To understand the concept of Projects in Taikun, start with the Overview of Taikun Projects.

Monitoring your Projects

Taikun is a versatile tool with many monitoring instruments to keep your Kubernetes clusters under control. Here, you will find a description of all available monitoring tools. Review the article on Available Monitoring Tools to see what is available.

Profile Management

There are a few profiles associated with Kubernetes usage. To understand the concept better, check the Profile Management section. The Creating Profiles article will help you create the necessary Profiles directly in Taikun.

Account Management

This section explains how to manage your Taikun account and its users. To see the options available for your profile, start with the My Profile management article.

Advanced Configuration

Here, you can read all about Taikun’s advanced instruments. If you want to know how to configure Taikun CLI or how our API can be set up, this section is right for you!

Taikun CloudWorks Dictionary

Check Our Lingo article to become friends with Taikun terminology.

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