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Container images

Taikun CloudWorks provides users with a seamless way to monitor and manage containerized applications within their Kubernetes clusters. To gain insights into the container images running in a cluster, users can follow these simple steps.

Steps to Check All Container Images in a Cluster:

  1. Navigate to ‘Projects’:
    • Upon logging into Taikun CloudWorks, locate and click on the ‘Projects’ tab in the main navigation menu. This will take you to the list of available projects within your workspace.
  2. Open a Project:
    • From the list of projects, select the specific project you are interested in and click on its name to open it. This action will direct you to the Project Dashboard.
  3. Access ‘K8s Information’:
    • Within the Project Dashboard, find and click on the ‘K8s Information’ option. This section provides comprehensive details about the Kubernetes cluster associated with the selected project.
  4. Navigate to ‘Container Images’ Tab:
    • In the ‘K8s Information’ section, locate and select the ‘Container Images’ tab from the menu. This tab offers a detailed overview of all container images currently running within the Kubernetes cluster associated with the chosen project.
  5. Review Container Image Information:
    • Once in the ‘Container Images’ tab, users can review essential information about each container image, including details such as image name, version, and related metadata. This comprehensive view facilitates efficient monitoring and management of containerized applications within the cluster.
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