Live Servers

While an overview of servers in each specific Project is important for every individual deployment, it is crucial to have an overview of all active servers in your account. Managers of Taikun can access the Servers menu from the left-hand navigation panel to see the list of all running servers in created Project to Monitor their state.

Every server in this menu is described by ID, Server Name, IP Address, Flavor, CPU/RAM/Disk Size, Role, Status, K8s Health, Created, and Actions. If you expand the table, you can see Created By, Last Modified, and Last Modified By.


Server status can be one of the following:

  • Deleting
  • Failure
  • Pending
  • Pending Delete
  • Pending Upgrade
  • Ready
  • Updating
  • Upgrading

The table can be filtered by the aspecific configuration of your hardware (for instance, the number of CPUs of RAM) as well as sorted by Project, Organization, Role, Status, Kubernetes Health, and Creation time.

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