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Overview #

Taikun Infra revolutionizes deploying clusters, introducing ease and speed that significantly enhance your experience. The platform’s robust capabilities accelerate your utilization of its resources, providing immediate access to cloud services and essential backup credentials. Upon creating a new account, you’ll receive a 15-day trial of Taikun Infra, an excellent opportunity to delve into the platform’s features and unlock its full potential. During this trial period, users have access to a pre-defined allocation of resources, including up to 24GB of RAM, 50 CPU units, and a substantial 2000GB of volume. This resource package is thoughtfully designed to empower you to explore and harness the capabilities of Taikun Infra without constraint.

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Taikun Infra – resources overview

Openstack credentials and Backup credentials are available when a new account is created. They can be found on the Credentials tab on the left side of the menu. You can be used when a new Project is created. You can find more information about Project creation here.

Taikun Infra – deafult cloud credentials

Taikun Infra – default backup credentials

After the subscription process is concluded, the Taikun Infra option will appear in the left sidebar menu. This feature provides easy access to the platform’s functions and capabilities. The costs associated with Taikun Infra are dynamically determined based on your usage, ensuring a flexible and tailored pricing structure that aligns with your needs and resource utilization.

Ensuring that you only pay for the resources you consume:

CPU: €0.0041
RAM: €0.0053
Volume: €0.00036
Floating IPs: €0.0067
S3: €0.00018

Taikun Infra – usage resources overview

Taikun Infra – menu link

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