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Overview #

OpenShift is a containerization and Kubernetes platform developed by Red Hat, a leading open-source software company. It is designed to simplify the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. OpenShift provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for building, deploying, and running container-based applications in a cloud-native and DevOps-friendly manner.

Connecting OpenShift to Taikun #

  1. Switch to the Cloud credentials in Taikun 
  2. Hit the Add Cloud Credentials button in the top-right corner
  3. Select the Openshift option
  4. Specify the parameters:
    • Cloud Name – choose a name with 3-30 alphanumeric characters
    • Kubeconfig File: configuration file used by the Kubernetes and OpenShift command-line tools to authenticate and interact with a Kubernetes cluster or an OpenShift cluster. It contains information about the cluster, user credentials, context, and other configuration details.
    • Pull Secret: a Kubernetes secret that stores authentication information required to pull container images from container registries. It contains the necessary credentials, such as username, password, or token, and the registry URL for accessing container images.
    • Storage Class: a resource that defines how dynamic provisioning of storage volumes should work in the cluster. It specifies parameters such as the storage backend, access modes, and other characteristics of the storage to be provisioned.
    • Base Domain: the root domain that serves as the foundation for creating route hostnames within your OpenShift cluster. Routes are used to expose applications running in OpenShift to the external world.
  5. Click Add Cloud Credentials.
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