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Create new credentials #


S3 Name – the name for backup credentials (3-30 characters)

Fill in the remaining S3 data from Amazon and add new backup credentials. See endpoints from AWS.

Invalid S3 credentials error can pop up if you fill in wrong/non-existent credentials.

After you add the credentials, you can back up the project by Enable Backup and adding Backup Policy.

Backup Credentials list #

Use the search field to find the credentials needed.

Every Credential has its:

  • ID
  • Organization
  • S3 Access Key ID
  • S3 Endpoint
  • S3 Name
  • Associated Projects
  • Actions

ID and Organization are immutable.

S3 Access Key IDS3 Endpoint, and S3 Name are security credentials.

In Associated Projects are listed all projects using these backup credentials.

Created By informs you who has made the last change.

Look here, if you don’t know where to find your AWS credentials.

Expanding the table shows the previous modification made (Last ModifiedLast Modified By).

Actions #

 Make default – choose credentials which will be then filled during project creation, lighter color indicates selected credentials

/ Lock/Unlock Credential – if you lock the Credentials, you disable it for Backup. Unlock it to enable it again

 Update Credentials – update S3 NameS3 Access Key and S3 Secret Key

 Delete – you can delete only empty and unlocked Backup Credentials

Enable/Disable Backup in Projects #

You can enable backup during creation.


Backup can also be enabled after the project is created.

First, you have to enable back and then choose credentials.


Backup Policy #

After you enable backup, you must set up a backup policy.

Note #

Once the policy is add, the cronjob starts.

Info #

To terminate the backup, delete the policy. If you no longer want to use backup, disable it.

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