Showback rules

The first thing you will see is an overview of Showback Rules:

showback rules

Every Showback Rule is described by ID, Name, Metric Name, Organization, Labels (if there are any), Kind, Type, Global alert limit, Project alert limit, Price, Showback credentials (if there are any), date and time Created, and Actions.

Create Showback Rule #

Create a new Showback Rule for your Organization by pressing the “+ Add rule” button.

add showback rule

Specify the following parameters:

  • Name – choose a name for your rule
  • Metric Name – use any valid metrics, you can use any suggested Metrics for examples
  • Kind – choose kind for the rule
    • General – data source is Taikun
    • External – data source is external – you need to make sure correct Showback Credentials are used
  • Type – choose from Count (calculate package as a unit – e.g. flavors) or Sum (calculate per quantity – e.g. GBs)
  • Price – billing in CZK per selected unit
  • Project Alert Limit – set a limit of alerts for one Project
  • Global Alert Limit – set limit of alerts for all Projects
  • Showback Credentials – specify the to-be-used Showback Credentials
  • Labels – the label indicates the variable name (Label) and value of the label (Label Value), see examples in the table below
LabelLabel Value

Once you add the rule, the cron job starts the calculation. The price for Showback Summary starts at the beginning of every hour and it can’t be paused. Rule can be stopped by deletion

Available actions #

edit Edit Showback RuleChange the parameters of your rule
copy Copy Showback RuleCreate a copy of your rule (don’t forget to change the rule’s name)
delete Delete RuleDelete a rule if it is not used anymore

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