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Create a Server

Adding Servers to Projects #

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To create a new server, click Add Sever button and fill in all the fields.

You will receive an error message if no flavor has been bound to your Project yet. You can also bind the flavor during project creation.

Warning #

For a well-functioning cluster you should NOT use small flavors.

Keep in mind that a working cluster consists of at least 1 Bastion, 1 Kubemaster, and 1 Kubeworker. However, you can also create a Multimaster by creating more than 1 Kubemaster, the number of masters must be odd. If you want to create a multimaster, you have to do it before committing.

Info #

  • bastion recommended 2 vCPU + 2GB of RAM
  • masters recommended 4 vCPU + 8GB of RAM

  • Server Name  – only alphanumeric characters and dash are allowed, 1-30 characters, or you can use the shortcuts:
    • b – bastion
    • m – master
    • w – worker
  • Disk size – should be at least 30GB
  • Role – you can choose from several roles for your servers, which are set according to the Kubernetes settings
  • Number of Servers – set number for kubeworker or kubemaster, add an odd number of masters (min. 3 for a highly available cluster)
  • Flavor – choose from the list of offered flavors (e.g. n0.xlarge)
    • you can bind the flavors from clouds to the project in Flavour Info
  • Kubernetes Node Labels – label nodes where you want to send or restrict pods; you can add more labels with add label button, for more info, see Kubernetes docs
Info #

The bigger flavor you choose the longer it will take to create.

  • commit
Warning #

Control if you have all servers you need, the creation can take some time (approx. 7 min per server).

Double-check if you need all of them because you won’t be able to delete them later.

When the required servers are created, press the Commit button.

  • While creating a node, servers get through the stages:
    • ➡➡
  • failed creation, the project is Failed or Pending without any action
    • if servers fail during creation, the best way to restore them is with the Repair button
  • delete servers
    • Manager/Partner can delete unnecessary servers
Info #

You can delete servers to still have working cluster (1 bastion, 1 master and 1 worker) or delete the whole working cluster.

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