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OpenStackClient (aka OSC) is a command-line client for OpenStack that brings the command set for Compute, Identity, Image, Object Storage and Block Storage APIs together in a single shell with a uniform command structure.

Using OpenStackClient #

Getting Started #

Release Notes #

Contributor Documentation #

Project Goals #

  • Use the OpenStack Python API libraries, extending or replacing them as required
  • Use a consistent naming and structure for commands and arguments
  • Provide consistent output formats with optional machine parseable formats
  • Use a single-binary approach that also contains an embedded shell that can execute multiple commands on a single authentication (see libvirt’s virsh for an example)
  • Independence from the OpenStack project names; only API names are referenced (to the extent possible)

Contributing #

OpenStackClient utilizes all of the usual OpenStack processes and requirements for contributions. The code is hosted on OpenStack’s Git serverBug reports may be submitted to the python-openstackclient Storyboard project. Code may be submitted to the openstack/python-openstackclient project using Gerrit. Developers may also be found in the IRC channel #openstack-sdks.

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