Enable Monitoring in Projects

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Some of the features described in the Available Monitoring Tools are accessible only if a Project has Monitoring enabled. With this step, you connect your Project to other open-source projects, such as Grafana and Prometheus, for getting access to advanced monitoring instruments. With their help, you will be able to easily determine a reason for the cluster’s failure or quickly define existing bottlenecks that can be re-configured for improving the speed of your product.

Enable Monitoring #

There are 2 options for the activation of Monitoring tools:

1) Enable monitoring during the Project creation

enable monitoring project creation

2) Alternatively, it can be activated in the already created Projects

enable monitoring after project creation

The process might take up to 2 minutes. Upon successful activation, you will be able to work with the Logs, Alerts, and Metrics menus of your Project.

Disable Monitoring #

To turn the Monitoring off, hit the “Disable Monitoring” button and confirm your action in the next window.

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