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Tekton Operators

Operator #

Manage Tekton CI/CD Building Blocks

Tekton Operator #

Tekton Operator is a Kubernetes extension that to install, upgrade and manage TektonCD PipelinesDashboardTriggers (and other components) on any Kubernetes Cluster.

Tekton Operator entities #

Tekton Operator defines the following entities:

TektonConfigConfigure Tekton components to be installed and managed.
TektonPipelineConfigure the Tekton Pipeline component to be installed and managed.
TektonTriggerConfigure the Tekton Trigger component to be installed and managed.
TektonDashboardConfigure the Tekton Dashboard component to be installed and managed.
TektonResultConfigure the Tekton Result component to be installed and managed.
TektonChainConfigure the Tekton Chain component to be installed and managed.
OpenShiftPipelinesAsCodeConfigure the Pipelines as Code component to be installed and managed.
TektonAddonConfigure addons to be installed and managed.

Getting started #

To install Operator there are multiple ways

  • Install from Operator HubYou can find the instruction here. The lifecycle will be managed by Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).
  • Install using release fileYou can find the release file for latest version here. In this case, you will have to manage the lifecycle for the Operator.
  • Install from codeYou can clone and repository and install the Operator. You can find the instruction in here

After installing the Operator, to install the required Tekton Component such as Tekton Pipeline, Tekton Triggers.

Create an instance of TektonConfig which will create the required components. You can find more details and the available configuration in TektonConfig.

NOTE: TektonResult and TektonChain are optional components and are not installed through TektonConfig currently. You can find the installation steps in their docs.

Understanding Tekton Operator #

Each Tekton Component has a Custom Resource which installs the component and manages it.

TektonConfig is a top level Custom Resource which creates other components.

So, the user just need to create TektonConfig with the required configurations, and it will handle the installation of required components.

You can find more about the Resources and its available configurations in their docs

To understand how Tekton Operator works, you can find the details here

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