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Sort flavors by the size of CPU and RAM or use the search bar.


To use a flavor for Server in Project, you have to assign the flavor to the project first. You can do so during project creation or in Flavor Info tab.

Bind To Project

Choose Organization, Cloud Type, and Credentials where your project is stored. After selecting a flavor, you can bind it/them to the project.

Bind a Flavor to a Project

An error message is displayed if the flavor is bound to the project.

Flavor Project Bounds/Unbind Flavor

To overview all Flavors used in Projects, use the   button. Flavors for each Cloud (Amazon, Azure, OpenStack) can be sorted by Name, Project Name, CPU, and RAM.

To unbind a flavor from a specific project, choose a Cloud, select the project-flavor bound, and use  button.

Unbind a Flavor
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