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Email notifications

Available email notifications #

Taikun offers comprehensive action email services informing users about important events. These include emails for successful cluster creation, enabling or disabling monitoring, welcoming users to Taikun, and notifications regarding cluster failures or purging. Stay updated and connected with Taikun’s action emails.

Enable email notifications #

To activate email notifications in Taikun, users need to turn on emails from the My Profile section.

Types of email notifications #

Service messages #

Service messages are automated emails from the Taikun service to gain access to your account.

Forgotten password #

Email provides users with instructions and a link to reset passwords, ensuring secure access to their Taikun account.

Cluster creation #

Get notified when your cluster is created and ready to use.

Monitoring configuration #

Stay informed about your cluster’s performance with notifications when monitoring is enabled or when monitoring gets deactivated.

Failed to create infrastructure #

Email informs users about the unsuccessful attempt to establish the required infrastructure for their Project or service on Taikun.

Failed to purge #

Email notifies users about the unsuccessful deletion or purging of specific data or resources within their Taikun environment.

Enabling Policy #

Email confirms the successful activation of a specific policy or set of rules within the Taikun platform, ensuring users have the desired configurations and security measures.

Cluster health errors #

In case of unexpected issues, Taikun will email you about clusters’ health problems.

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