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Creating Kubernetes cluster

Adding nodes #

The only step left is to add functioning Cloud servers to your Project! A Kubernetes cluster typically requires at least one master node and multiple worker nodes. The master node manages the cluster’s state, such as scaling and rolling out updates, while worker nodes run the actual applications. Taikun requires another third type of server called Bastion, which connects Taikun to your Cluster.

Follow the steps described below to create your first cluster within Taikun:

Create Cluster
Adding nodes – Add server drawer

1. Open your newly-created Project from the list

2. Hit    on the right side of your screen

3. Choose a specific Flavor to be bound to your Project

4. Add three new Servers to your Project. A correctly functioning cluster needs to have 1 Bastion, at least 1 Worker, and 1 Master.

  • (optional) you might be asked to Repair your Project to save the current configuration
5. Confirm all the changes by pressing   

Congratulations! You have just created your first Kubernetes cluster with Taikun!

Certain changes might be introduced to your configuration either directly from Project Details (e.g. Backup, Monitoring, Profiles) or under specific tabs like updating Access ProfileKubernetes Profile.

It’s crucial to remember that any changes made to your Project require a Repair of your Project. This step is essential to ensure the changes are properly implemented and your cluster functions as expected.

More information on Cluster creation is provided here.

Lastly, we will discuss accessing your Kubernetes cluster with the help of the Kubeconfig file.

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