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User Types


Understanding Taikun’s User Types is important as it will determine the privileges and permissions that each user has within your structure. There are three main roles that we will be covering: User, Manager, and Partner.


Users are the most basic type of user on our platform. They have the least amount of privileges and are typically used for accessing and interacting with the platform on a basic level. Users are able to perform tasks such as viewing Projects, monitoring their health, and accessing them via Kubeconfig files. 


Managers have more privileges than users and are typically responsible for managing an Organization within Taikun. In addition to the privileges that users have, managers are also able to create and manage Credentials, assign Projects to team members, and install Applications to clusters.


Partners have the most privileges of all three user roles. They typically have a strategic relationship with our company and are able to access advanced features and resources within the platform. Partners are able to create and manage multiple Projects and Organizations, as well as access Billing information and additional reporting tools.


Taikun also has Owner User which can be assigned only to one member of an account. Owner Users have the full set of permissions similarly to Partner and are also granted additional access to management of payments.

Below you can find the table describing the rights of each user type in Taikun.

Permissions by User Type

Managing Projects

User Manager Partner
Create a cluster 
Manage Kubernetes
Add Servers to Projects
Add VMs to Projects
Repair Projects
Create/delete Kubeconfig
Share Projects 
Delete Projects
Bind Flavor to Projects
Bind Image to Projects
Install Applications 
Lock/Unlock Projects
Assign Projects 
Adding Cloud Credentials
Project Quotas 
Enable/Disable Backup
Enforce Policies
Attach/Detach Alerting Profile
Access Project History
Configure Backup Policy

Monitoring Projects

User Manager Partner
Access Project Monitoring 
Enable/Disable Monitoring
Access Servers overview
Enable Slack notifications
Use Ticketing system

Credentials and Profile Management

User Manager Partner
Add/delete Cloud Credentials
Add/delete Backup Credentials
Add/delete Showback Credentials
Add/delete Kubernetes profiles
Add/delete Access Profiles
Add/delete Alerting Profiles
Add/delete Policy Profiles
Add/delete Standalone Profiles


User Manager Partner
Access Audit Log
Configure KeyCloak
Issue API tokens

Account Management

User Manager Partner
Add/delete users
Manage Organizations 
Access Billing Information
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