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Overview #

Important #

When using SSH to connect to the servers, do not use the user ubuntu; it is used by Taikun for management of the cluster

Access Profiles allow you to connect to your Bastion server securely.

You can extend the table to see the last modification (Last Modified and Last Modified By).


 Edit HTTP Proxy – update access profile

 Delete access profile, you cannot delete the default profile

Add Access Profile #

Create a new Access Profile to access a specific Project by pressing the “+ Add Alerting Profile” button.

Specify the following parameters:

  • Name – choose a name for a new profile, 3-30 characters
  • HTTP Proxy – You can set a proxy server, creating a gateway between cluster and the Internet, allowing access to external packages, docker images, etc. It also keeps your security, since your own IP will be preserved.
  • Add:
    • SSH Users – Allow a user the Kubernetes API access by adding the Public Key. (type of key must be RSA, ECDSA or Ed25519).
    • DNS – Resolves alphabetic names to IP addresses. You can choose a DNS for your server.
    • NTP Server – Accurately synchronizes local time clocks with selected time server. It means that all your clusters will automatic work in the same timezone.
    • Allowed hosts – You can add an IP address or range, restricting access to your Kubernetes.
Note #

DNS will be ignored if you choose to import network when establishing Cloud Credentials

If you want to change any of these parameters, you can do it with the Show button and update the necessary fields.

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