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Project Creation

Projects in Taikun #

A Project in Taikun is a central management place for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters. It serves as a way to organize and manage the servers of your account. This allows for better organization and enables users to separate their resources and environments. It provides a single place where all the clusters and resources related to it can be viewed and managed. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to manage multiple clusters, or for teams that need to manage multiple environments, such as development, staging, and production.

Adding new Project #

You can create a new Project straight after adding your Cloud credentials! During the Project creation, you can specify various advanced features to be added to your Kubernetes Cluster.

Note that a Project can be created by Manager or Partner of your account. These users can assign a Project to any other colleague later on.

Add Project

Here is how you can create your first Project:

1. Make sure that you have added a Cloud Connection to your Taikun account

2. Go to the Projects menu in Taikun

3. Hit    in the top right corner

4. Specify your Project’s name and used Cloud in the pop-up

  • (optional) Access, Alerting, and Kubernetes Profiles are initially populated with a default option. These profiles are created with every new account. Custom Profiles need to be created prior to being used in your Projects.

5. Click    – your Project is created!

Some of Taikun’s features (such as Alerting or Policy Profiles,  MonitoringBackupExpiration date) can be enabled after your Project is created:

Next on, we will create our first functioning Kubernetes cluster with Taikun!

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